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    Welcome everyone to the CurseCraft website,

    We at Curse Network have some updates for players new and old. Heres a quick rundown on the state of things as we've been dormant for quite some time.

    Join our Discord Server in the mean time for further discussion:
    Curse Community

    Ever since the server went down over a year ago, correction :eek: ~8 YEARS AGO.. we've continue to believe in a big return. There has not been a straight forward answer for the downtime.. neglect, immaturity, distracted by life, incompetence, low-key playing dead in a waiting game against being found in potential legal waters, you name it, it probably holds true to some extent.

    In that downtime however, we've continued to expand upon some on-going and necessary assets which will assist Curse in its direction of returning and becoming something great again.

    The assets involved include, but not limited to mindset, funding, IP, setup, plans, processes, direction, and execution strategies which will continue to be underway and on-going to build the Curse MVP through the "Curse Trials."

    2020-2023 Breakdown and Summary:
    | Detailing a few aspects to get some scope on the state of things

    • cursecraft.net, .com, .org, .co, .eu, and .us
    • curse.net, .org, and ...
    Business Entity and Initial Funding:
    • An LLC was created in Dec 2020 and maintained for all related transactions that went all the way back to 2014 to be as a record for this venture. A good understanding has been recognized from a business, accounting, and tax side of things. Like who knew putting 7% sales tax on a Diamond sword was mandatory? (Though we will not be P2W, but Pay to Play (P2P) for our premium servers - there will be a more complimentary system to allow non-premium members to access for short durations, monetization plan to be explained soon.)
    • In 2021, ~24k startup capital was delegated from local service works for necessary development/expenses. (The majority of this has absorbed by recent acquisitions, vital to a broader more complex vision)
    • As of 2023, more funding is being sought out and needed to insure the consistent execution upon the new plans for a more desired and complete result. This will be done by loaning personally, acquiring reasonable grants, loans, and investments. We could crowd fund through various means, but may not be best approach, unless we had initial product visually working through a team. An attractive monetization plan will likely be in place at the applicable time.
    Experience and growth:
    • As the years have gone by, there has been a lot of growth in maturity to meet the upcoming challenges we will end up facing. Personal, relational, and organizational understandings and implementations which were not consciously present and applied between 2016-'19.

    2023-2026 Plan: (WIP)
    | A brief summary on the roadmap for intended development

    Step 0: Planning
    Step 1: Curse Trials (1-6)
    • To build a MVP of the core game mechanic through a series of Curse Trials to play test each new development or advancement of the core game mechanic being built. Getting constant player feedback along the way, greyboxing the sequential Curse Trials (levels).
    Step 2: Curs-edlands Server (Name subject to change)
    • After Trails 1-6 are complete and on-going, we intend to create a more rounded out experience of including factions/teams and other plugins to create a more fulfilling experience, etc.
    Step 3: See where this takes us
    • Talk of a Curse Launcher / Client (Or Lunar Collab), Curse Mods, and a custom Curse Dynmap/BlueMap/SquareMap Collab.

    Question: What about the old server and all.. what are you preserving?

    • CurseCraft: 1.0 - 2.0 plans discontinued indefinitely. However, aspects of each are being heavily recognized in the new 2023 present planning materials.
      • CurseCraft will be trying some new, scary, and exciting.. to create a new gamemode-style through a core game mechanic and theme that goes contrary to what is currently mainstream. This will cost 10's of thousands by the end of it guaranteed, but well worth the innovation. The monetization plan to facilitate this is currently only half-baked, but will fully develop as we progress further through the Curse Trials.
    • Old legacy server builds and other easter eggs
      • We will very likely plan to include these to the Curse Trials as remembrance to the past for all its glory, it shall not be forgotten. Giving some players a sense of nostalgic feeling from 2012-'14 era.
    • Old ranks are being accounted for
      • Join Minecraft server IP: verify.curse.net today (1.7-1.15.2+) if you previously had purchased a rank and wanted to start the beginning process of redeeming it. Only old players with old ranks are whitelisted. You'll need a Discord account and be a part of the Curse Discord.
      • All ranks old and new will be global on all Curse servers. All ranks in time will be converted into a subscription-based model. If player ends services or doesn't get it renewed in time, most cosmetics/statuses will remain and be permanent, however premium server access may be restricted until that player renews again. This involves all old ranks purchased before 2016. Renewals will either be required semiannually or annually at a small fraction of the original cost.
    • Original artwork and style being preserved
      • Although we recognize a rebranded variation of graphical needs and style is needed to further personify or capture the essence of the Curse Trials / Curs-edlands core game mechanic and theme, we will do our best to preserve and protect the OG style at all costs. For it is memorable and appealing.

    2016 - '19 Server Agenda: (Discontinued..)
    | This template never came to fruition for various reasons:

    CurseCraft: Legacy 1.0 (OG)
    - Old style of CurseCraft, what it was before.
    - Version compatibility from 1.7 - 1.15.2+
    - Traditional Builds and Maps
    - Traditional Soup PvP, Factions, McMMO, Raiding, Ranks, Heads, etc.
    - Old ranks given back with same perks, Cursedlord rank removed. (Initial Global Renewal & Subscriptions)
    - Stable server hosting that may lag at times for nostalgic purposes
    - Traditionally more OP, more P2W and no limit to faction size
    - Border Size TBD
    CurseCraft: Next Gen 2.0 (New)
    - New style of CurseCraft, something new.
    - Version compatibility from 1.7 - 1.15.2+
    - New Builds and Custom Maps
    - New Factions, Soup/Pot Style PvP, McMMO, Raiding, FTOP and More
    - New CCMMO Abilities, Combos and Magic Skill
    - New Limited Special Rank “Cursed” Unlocking New CCMMO Skill Tier
    - New Custom Server Events called “Relics” with a Twist, unlike any KOTH
    - New Rank Perks including unlocking access to New Areas
    - New Crate Keys, Bosses, Gambling PvP Matches and FTOP Payouts
    - Dedicated Server, DDOS Protection, NO Lag
    - No /fly perks, less OP Factions, no WorldEdit perks, less P2W, no exceeding faction sizes
    - Border Size TBD
    CurseCraft: Server Realm Royals 3.0 (Extra) (Concept Piece)
    - Minecraft Usernames verified to join.
    - Different server's linked together within one world, every server is a faction causing all out war.
    - More to be explained later!

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